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Jim here, first of all thanks very much for taking a look at my website, I put lots of information together on fast weight loss which has been really successful for me. I will be showing you lots of different tips to follow for fast weight loss and all the related details which will help you eat better and exercise more effectively. It is of great importance that you do everything in a healthy way and you need to take a number of necessary steps which will ensure that you do not gain the weight back.

There are a number of items which i need to discuss with you in relation to my weight loss journey, so here goes.

First and foremost if you want to achieve fast weight loss and get rid of those extra pounds it is essential that you are careful with everything that you eat and you must ensure that you are active by doing the correct exercise. Here’s some detail on the things that you need to consider as part of your healthy lifestyle.

You need to make sure that you reduce the calories that you consume and in particular the amount that you eat. Did you know that 1 g of fat has twice the calorific value of a gram of protein or indeed carbohydrate. Of course you need to limit the amount of fat that you eat. An particular trace fat should be avoided and pay particular attention to the calories and fat inside the food that you eat. Simple solutions include limiting the number of starters that you eat and removing fat from meat are good places to start.

Another easy solution for your diet is to watch the size of your portions. Many of us are guilty of eating much larger portions that we need and therefore were not able to burn off all the food we eat. Consequently we will never achieve fast weight loss and the desired body shape which we all want. It is a growing trend in many restaurants and eating places throughout the world that portion sizes are actually increasing. Just by cutting your portion by a third, you’re making a massive reduction in the number of calories which you eat. Your diet and your weight loss strategy will therefore become a lot more efficient.

In relation to the food which we need to stop eating, I suggest that you restrict the amount of carbohydrates including potatoes, pasta and rice. In order to achieve fast weight loss it’s a really good idea to increase the number of fruits and vegetables which you eat because they have the effect of making you feel full and yet you have had far less calories.

fast weight loss before & afterIn my weight loss strategy it was important to ensure that my metabolism and hormones were working effectively. As part of this I began to manage my drinking habits more effectively and as such I stopped drinking fluids with high sugar content and of course alcohol. I was a big fan of beer and as soon as I stop drinking beer it really made a difference to my fast weight loss strategy.

In relation to the exercise regime which I put in place to assist my fast weight loss and burn off the fat I initiated metabolic resistance training and variable intensity training. Both these type of workouts enabled my metabolism and hormones to work far more effectively. Simply jogging on the treadmill at a constant pace does not encourage your metabolism to go even faster. In fact your body gets used to the constant pace and therefore it does not burn off fat as effectively as changing the intensity of your training. With these principles fast weight loss was possible.

For those of you who are not ready for workouts which can get very intensive, you need to start out with light exercise including walking and swimming and then progressively increase the intensity of your workouts so your body becomes a fat burning furnace. Ensure that you always set goals and objectives for your fast weight loss strategy, so that you have more chance of achieving your dream body.

Anyway take a good look around the website where you’ll find even more details on exactly how I managed to look like this and achieve all my weight loss goals.


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