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Benefits – When used as part of a fast weight loss program, exercise offers tremendous benefits.  Regular exercise helps to raise your metabolic rate, which determines how quickly you lose weight.  The higher your metabolic rate, the more you can eat given the same amount of exercise.  One aspect of exercise, weight training, allows men and women to tone and firm up problem areas, as well as get rid of excess fat in areas where dieting or aerobics were ineffective.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic advantages, exercise has many more important benefits.  Regular cardiovascular exercise helps to reduce cholesterol levels, as well as to lower the heart rate in non-stressful situations, which is believed to reduce the risk of heart attacks in both men and women.

Drawbacks – For most people looking for fast weight loss, exercise is simply not for them.  Like many of the diets out there, long term results are promising, but exercise requires a strong commitment and a long term outlook.  Most people who are looking for weight loss have started exercising, only to give up shortly after.

Another negative side of exercise is the financial commitment.  Most exercise plans require equipment such as weights or aerobic tapes, which can be costly and are non-refundable.  If you plan on joining a gym, expect a significant down payment as well as recurring monthly fees.

Unexpected Side Effects – Many people, especially women, plan a fast weight loss goal using weights inappropriately.  Many underestimate the human body and its muscles’ reaction to weight training.  Without proper guidance and foresight it is possible to obtain an overly muscular physique.  While this is a goal for many people, most women simply want some firmness and toning, and not the “muscle head” image.


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