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The Atkins Diet – A lifetime nutritional philosophy, focusing on the consumption of nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods and vita-nutrient supplementation. The Atkins diet restricts processed/refined carbohydrates (which make up over 50% of many people’s diets), such as high-sugar foods, breads, pasta, cereal, and starchy vegetables. Core vita-nutrient supplementation includes a full-spectrum multi-vitamin and an essential oils/fatty acid formula.

Unfortunately, fast weight loss and “lifetime nutritional philosophy” are on the opposite ends of the weight loss spectrum.  So while the Atkins diet may be effective, it is certainly not a short term solution.

Weight Watchers – The modern weight watchers diet focuses on a system of points.  After an initial consultation, the member is given a set amount of points for a day.  These points correspond to point values for various foods, which are outlined in several guide books.  Included in these books are point values for popular restaurants in the member’s area.

The immediate benefit of this diet is that you are “allowed” to eat pretty much anything you want.  This is accomplished through eating in moderation.  You can have a piece of chocolate cake, but then you have to eat salad with vinegar dressing for the rest of the day.  For someone looking for fast weight loss, this may not be the best choice.  While long term results are proven, weight watchers is meant to be a lifestyle changer.  This means that after a while, eating less becomes habit.  This is the reason why so many drift from this diet.

The Bernstein Diet – One diet with no shortage of media attention these days is the Bernstein Diet.  Often criticized as being unhealthy, the Bernstein Diet offers strict medical supervision and a cocktail of vitamins and medication.  Clients are injected with a combination of Vitamin B6 and B12, three times a week. The idea is that the vitamins work to break down the fat.

“The B vitamins make it easy for someone to stay on a diet,” Bernstein said.  “I find that they enhance the weight loss.  Our patients are losing between four and five pounds a week.”  That’s the big draw: fast weight loss, but it comes with a big price tag.  The initial consultation ranges from $195 to $235.  Add to that $100 per week for services and injections.  Bernstein says an average patient who loses about 35 pounds will wind up paying about $1,000.  So, despite the fast weight loss results, this isn’t really an affordable option for many people.  Not to mention the toll it takes on your body!


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