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Fast weight loss. It’s the holy grail of fitness, and everyone wants a piece of the action. But is this notion of fast weight loss realistic, or are we just setting ourselves up for failure?

This site explores some of the myths and realities when it comes to fast weight loss. One important point to remember is that the fastest method of weight loss is not necessarily the safest or most effective in the long run.

Lately, there has been an explosion of over the counter and herbal diet pills. Common sense would tell us that this is just a gimmick. But is it? Well, on the whole is is and fast weight loss needs to be achieved through the correct diet and exercise.

For most people, exercise is the healthiest way to lose weight. But who has time to stand on a treadmill for hours a day? Some may say it’s the best method of weight loss, but they certainly can’t call it fast weight loss. You need to combine exercise with the right diet.

We all know the perils of fast weight loss surgery, but visit the Surgery page for a graphic reminder! Remember to consult your physician before starting any weight loss regime, including exercise.


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